Why yoga is a good way to meet new people?

Meeting new people can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t have anything familiar to talk about. It becomes awkward just to approach a random person and strike a conversation. Well, here is a suggestion for a rather unconventional way to meet new people: Yoga. Yes, you heard it right. Although this might sound something new, trust me, you have more reasons to believe you can meet new people through yoga.

Yoga is an exercise that is focused on the spiritual and physical connection. However, it is also a way to connect with other people beyond the self. Here are some ways in which yoga is an excellent way to meet new people.

Community building

Yoga is an excellent way to create a community feeling. Everyone enters the yoga class as an individual, but the class becomes a community once the instructor starts the meditating exercise. You move in tandem with the rest of the yoga mates and follow the instructor. As you release and get connected to your mind and soul, you start creating a harmonious bond with the person next to you too.

Some yoga exercises are ones that requires help from the person next to you.  While performing this exercise, you can develop new friendships, as the conversation starts organically even after the class. A shared experience in a class can give you just the right reason to strike a conversation with a new person. Striking up a conversation with someone at a better level for some tips can also be the way to break the ice.

Shared interest

What do you need most to strike a conversation or to keep the conversation going on? A standard or shared interest is just what you need to strike up that first conversation. A yoga class consists of a community of people who have different stories and backgrounds yet have something in common: yoga.  Because you are interested in doing yoga or taking up yoga as a hobby, it can be another organic way to build new friendships and interests.

Most friendships and relationships are built on the basis of things that are similar to both parties. Yoga can become the reason for common ground. We have all heard of friends and couples bonding over their love for yoga. There is yoga exercise for almost every person.

No competition

Yoga created a harmonious aura in the room. There will be relatively rare situations when there will be a full-on battle or competition amongst the fellow mate practicing yoga. Yoga is void of competition and there are many different yoga fitness trends that create a friendly environment to foster new relations. Doing yoga together is also a source of motivation to other fellow mates in the same room. Interactive yoga classes can help you let go of inhibitions. And as you work on yourself, you can open up to saying more than just hi to your fellow mates.

Yoga lounge areas

It usually depends on the clubs or studio of your choice where you want to take the yoga classes. If you are keen on meeting new people at an easier environment setup, choose studios where sitting or lounging areas are provided for the members. Although the classroom setup is not ideal for speaking to someone, a post-class lounging area would help ease the situation. A quick 10-15 in rest areas in lounges can provide the right window to meet new people.

Although it is easier said than done to start talking or meeting new people, there is a bit of effort that needs to come from the self too. One must not shy away from saying a simple hi.


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